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My case against Android

It’s funny how the littlest things might spark the strongest epiphanies in life. I was on my way to work today and connected my Jabra Revo Bluetooth headphone to my iPad for the first time in order to watch a movie. The fact that the...


Giving up my personal Mac

Upon the imminent release of the iPad Air 2, I had decided it was time to retire my good old iPad 3. It was a BEAST in weight, with an amazing Retina Display at the time and we sure had a good time together. My...


Manipulation: follow up.

I really felt like my post regarding a sort of altruistic type of manipulation served as an introduction to a very interesting subject: There’s an urge inside all of us, especially service providers, to think that all your customers are either stupid or just plain unfriendly. I mean, my customers have often told me the same thing, since they are themselves offering support to a third party and often come across questions that defy logic.


What works…

There was kind of a bigger discussion this week at work with regards to leadership and, more importantly, its execution. You see, “goal-oriented” is one of those words that people like to spit out like it’s their own invention whilst letting their [bad] instincts strive,...


Is teamwork utopic or just feasible?

After shortly flipping out in front of my team and taking a one week vacation (not related) I came to ask myself: Is true teamwork a wishful thought created by cheap self-help groups or truly a magnificent form of achieving greatness? Since I am now...


Paying for my sins!!!

What you can learn in a few months, when it comes to programming, is amazing. There is a similar experience between my two main professions, screenwriting and web-programming, which is to look back and past work and want to HURL!


Feature I

I am on the highway in a taxi on my way to the airport… Would be nice to be going there to step on a plane and land somewhere with crystal clear waters and temperatures a little warmer than what I am getting now…. But...