Why so much Work?

Guy Fawkes

For those few of you who read my blog, more often than not the question of why I write so much about communication and work and not other subjects. It has come to pass that my work swallows about 80% of my time (net-time, without sleeping, of course). Since the other 20% I spend with my wife, my dog and my family, these are subjects that I shall never write here.

This blog regards my day-to-day life. It extends from experiences I have at work to gadgets I use and things I write, program and do. The funny thing is, I am addressing this to you, even though I have also made clear that this blog is my therapeutic tool for one of two things, when not both simultaneously:

– by writing these things down I get a clearer vision towards what I could be doing better and what my achievements are. 90% of what you think or say gets lost down the road. Writing it down makes for a much better statistic.

– also, by writing these things down I get a gut-feeling that someone might want to read it and thus, my conscience is cleared from thinking that the only ears I have for my daily challenges belong to my wife, whose patience also has a limit.

Nonetheless, regarding work, tech or anything else, I prefer and go through great creative lengths to keep everything anonymous. Through my nickname, some of my friends might recognize who I am, what I do and where I live. For others, my comments on aggressive capitalist job-markets, bullshit that originates from the world of technology, interesting technological breakthroughs remain impersonal as they could come from anyone and be directed at anyone else.

For those thinking I am shying away from my freedom of speech, it is something I do in order to not influence those around me. The damage I could do to others is much greater than to myself and I have no right to arbitrarily decide on that for them.

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